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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  November 22, 2014 9:00pm-9:11pm EST

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significant improvement in ohio. we have single mothers now who can get treatment who could not get it because they were up to 100% of poverty. hundred and 30 it percent of poverty, train the bonnet, it is not great. -- hundred 38% of poverty, try to live on it, it is not great. ronald reagan expanded medicaid. there were people that were left out. when people cannot get health care, they get sicker and they end up in the emergency room and guess who pays for it? we do. the people who pay the bills -- let me tell you why that doesn't work. medicare expansion allows us to do something, at reason the affordable care act is bad is because it is top-down and has nothing to do with costs. we have got a program in ohio --
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i think bobby is working on this. let me tell you -- we want higher quality and lower prices. i will give you a perfect example. we're working on reducing the number of visits for children into the hospitals who have asthma. because of that, the hospitals get less money. have come together to share the benefits. related toswer is the simple fact we need to pay for quality and low price. we are not going to eliminate medicaid. there isn't a governor who doesn't have medicaid. it is a matter of how you run the program. our program has grown by about 3%. rating is we are helping a lot of people. to me that is a pretty good
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formula or my state. not everyone will agree with it. in 1997ated medicaid with tommy thompson and john edwards. very fine governors. we reduce the number of strings connected to medicaid. they could more or less block this program and hold it accountable to spend it on people who need it and get rid of the strings and reduce some of the costs of the program. we're not going to get rid of medicaid. what a message that would be. it can work better. it can be more efficient. met -- i'm at four zeros. >> when should the race begin? holding -- yoube
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don't want me moderating. [laughter] wench of the campaign truly begin? the moral question is when did it start? of novemberth 2014. wendy want to see the campaign engaged? >> i think it has. are talking what issues that will affect the presidential election in 2016. we need to have this conversation with americans. it is on. >> wendy you want to see the campaign begin? >> i think you need to have the weight until fall. it untilthis -- wa
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fall. people who are sitting now that with a better chief executives than the one we have in washington right now. governors are getting things done. we offer a start contrast to the old top-down approach from washington. it is happening in the states. i think there's plenty of us here and others in the crowd that will be a great alternative. wendy think the campaign to begin? >> -- when do you think the campaign should begin? >> not today. [laughter] d.c. is always focused on who is next. as governors, we had to focus on what is next. to givehe arguments states more freedom and more
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flexibility with resources -- one of the reasons republican governors were reelected and elected in surprising places is they are getting results. i promise you everyone on this stage is getting up every day and focusing on what is next in their state. we'll let washington, d.c. debate about what always debates -- who is next. >> i think others have said this exactly right. it doesn't matter when is the first debate or first candidate announced. forreal way to prepare republicans to use the majority have conservative reforms. i think it begins in the house and the senate. it is a top-down government approach that works. we believe the american dream can be rescued through health
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care policies and through our foreign policy. next two wait for the years. let's go show people conservative policies. we have good policies at the national level. one of two things will happen -- either he will adopt the policy -- let's remember they didn't tackle health care overnight. number freedom back in -- we may not get our freedom back but -- >> is there a danger of the campaign starting quickly? >> i like the approach. yell eddie tether and
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having guys like you -- people yell at each other and having guys like you moderate -- [laughter] let's talk about these guys for a second. state, createdis so many jobs it is unbelievable. he called me up. how do you think i am doing? talk about the jobs you have got created. i'm going to do that right now. he runs for election like every week. there is another election. [laughter] unbelievable. he is doing a terrific job. win so many votes in louisiana. 70%. offer you don't get off are you isn
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if you don't get 70%. you're running against yourself. kind of not a great question to finish this. [laughter] i was trying not to do this stupid when do you announce? how do you not run? fair enough. do you have a closure you would like to propose? much, everybody. these guys are great. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> next panel examines the state of race in america. after that, mark grassley and tom harkin. another chance to see republican ofernors ask us a range issues including immigration, congressional partisanship, and the tray 16 presidential race. race.6 presidential then "washington journal" future of president obama's immigration proposal. on the iranian nuclear program negotiations which have a deadline this
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monday. we will take your calls. you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. "washington journal" at 7 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> a group of authors have a conversation about the state of race in america and what the future may be like. they discussed the ferguson, missouri case and community responses and make addictions on the impending grand jury decision. they shared their personal stories of expenses with police and law enforcement. this was hosted by the brooklyn historical society. this program contains language some reviewers might find offensive. this is about 90 minutes. [applause]


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